Beginningless Time

Leaving the dingy basement apartment where people incessantly complain, I walk across the parking lot to my car. I cannot find it. Turning slightly to the right, between two buildings, I see a short wall with a low ledge, clad in bright, new copper. A threshold. It beckons me. I leap. Hovering over the skeleton tops of trees I can barely see their branches. I fly. Fog rolls in and I recline on top of the clouds, lying on my left side, resting and waiting. Arising, I move into a bright sunlit room with wood covered walls and floor where colorfully dressed people discuss important projects, with gusto. Turning to my left I touch the man standing next to me and he explodes into blinding white light. We embrace. Behind him I see a transparent card covered with a moving alphabet, words being born. Then, a soft pink accordion book, connected with different sizes of paper, so vast I could not see where it went, only the sections in front of me. I know it had no beginning and no end. Some pages were floral, some held together with lacey black crocheted stitches. I touch one section, pull it towards me and watch it float as if underwater or in space – sans gravity. When I let go, it stays, frozen in dreamtime. in the book I see two words, written in blue, each on its its own panel. One says “Scientist” and other, “Teacher.” I awake.

In October 2012 I experienced this prophetic dream. Powerful in its arrival early on a Saturday morning, the detail is still vivid in my memory. Sharing the dream with a friend , she suggested I would likely be presented with an opportunity to do something new, that I would probably be scared, but I would do it.

The opportunity has presented itself and I leave in two days to journey to points unknown to answer the question, “Where?” Where do I want to live and make my livlihood? This blog will chronicle my journey and musings as I leap into a new chapter of my life.